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About Endersys


Endersys has established in March 2006 to resell or distribute global market leaders in Turkey on information and network security, compliance, IT audit. Also has deep knowledge on UNIX/Linux systems and can give consultancy and outsource services. Endersys offers solutions to telco, finance, GSM, banking and enterprise sectors. Company has become one of the leader on its service areas with the references and trust gained.

Endersys was in Top 15 companies on IT Security branch according to the investigation done by Interpro Media, IT top 500. Also Endersys has become 17th fastest growing company in Turkey based on the growth rate results which was done by AllWorldNetworks, TOBB and TEPAV.


Top500 IT companies by total revenue (2011-2012) 

Top15 companies by revenue at IT Security field 



Endersys is working to help their customers for their needs on IT technology with inspecting world’s technology and struggling to provide best value to its customers.


Ethical Values 

Endersys declares that it will function fully accordance to the international ethical values and human rights. Our values are

  • Completely transparent
  • Respectful to human rights
  • Responsible to the nature and environment
  • Honest to their employees, partners and customers
  • Loyal to its debts
  • Trustable





Focused Fields

  • Enterprise Security
  • ID Management, SSO
  • IT Compliance and Audit
  • Infrastructure, OS
  • System and Network Management
  • Virtualization


  • On-demand service
  • Contracted service
  • Outsource
  • Performance Consultancy
  • Project Consultancy
  • Training


  • Finance
  • Telecom
  • Industry
  • Government
  • Universities 
  • Insurance



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